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  1. notoriouspyg
    Resident Mahomes fan
  2. bHero
    What the hell is this.
  3. bigeorgeb
  4. Kwstallings
    Kwstallings ClendonRoss
    How do you change your user name that shows on posts?
  5. scagnetti
    finally succumbed to the notion of paying for this information
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  6. rawb_stark
    @Robert_Moulton on Twitter
  7. goforbroke
    goforbroke emr2121
    Glad to meet you. However, should we not have something better to do than watching our favorite team get beat.. Again.
  8. harry_longfellow
    I have no idea how the beans got above the frank.
  9. loyality
    It is beauty to have frinds
  10. ribbitt2
    ribbitt2 insidetexas
    I'm receiving a warning of malware from when trying to access the Dominic Wood-Anderson decommits thread.
  11. Texas1228
    I'm from OH, but my Hearts in TEXAS!
  12. tarekm1997
  13. tarekm1997
  14. tarekm1997
    1. tarekm1997
      Hello all of you I am from Egypt Please visit the following link and register on the site to be friends and be a strong team in
      Sep 22, 2017
  15. Sneezybeltran
    Yeah, I am. I would go more when in our office and usually go to Quest. It's hit and miss for me now though since I'm on the road for work.
  16. Zona Horn
    Zona Horn Sneezybeltran
    Are you a member at TWUMC?
  17. texification
  18. 2 feathers
    2 feathers
    Just getting by
  19. bootcamp4
    Golden triangle native North Austin resident since 95
  20. epistemologist
    "Twitter always goes for disarray. That’s like the 5th law of thermodynamics." - Nate Silver.
  21. garcia89
    garcia89 Tom Selleck
    Possibly interested
  22. hookemup
  23. NeverGoFullDerp
  24. texvet16
    texvet16 lp2565
    I love you
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    2. lp2565
      Damn, I am totally pumped about this season, and the future of TEXAS football! Herman is the man. I was pissed when Saban fell through, but, long term, is the ideal man for the job at TEXAS. We are going to win big and win multiple natties. Book It, my friend! Love reading your posts, texvet16. Look forward to meeting you in the future. Hook'em!
      May 13, 2017
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  25. Born horn
    Born horn Jdhmills
    On the crawfish recipe thread, you said so much per sack. Assuming that you meant sack of crawfish, how many pounds would be said sack?
    1. Jdhmills
      A sack is typically 30 pounds. I base everything off that. Some places sell 15 pounds ones
      Apr 22, 2017
    2. Born horn
      Born horn
      Apr 22, 2017
  26. Hornsfan1963
    Hornsfan1963 texas05
    Your program warrants a bequest in your Will.
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    2. Hornsfan1963
      I kept the DMN sports page from Jan. 2, 1964. Probably few 6th grade girls were as happy as I was on that New Year's day.
      Mar 17, 2017
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    3. texas05
      That's AWESOME! Thanks for posting that!
      Mar 18, 2017
  27. kowbevo1
    checking for texas baseball story
  28. EvanPotter7
    EvanPotter7 dos bobby
    Good afternoon sir. I'm thinking I will partake in the Austin Happy Hour tomorrow and I'm now living in San Antonio. Thought I'd check with you and see if you plan on attending, and if so if you would care to ride together. I'm not in need of a ride and my schedule is pretty open after 12. I believe Eric will be at cover 3 early. Probably at 3 or 4. Just wanted to check and see if you cared for a ride.
    1. dos bobby
      dos bobby
      Can't make it tomorrow, going to Dallas in the AM. But good to know you're in SA. SAHorn and I often share a ride just for company. There's a Park and Ride on I-35 in Selma, makes it convenient too. Have fun tomorrow, but drive carefully! Here's to next time.
      Feb 23, 2017
    2. EvanPotter7
      Oh ok. Thanks for the info. I moved in with my girlfriend and am going to school full time. Working on getting into the Nursing program and becoming an RN.
      Feb 23, 2017
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  29. txdisasterhorn
    Future Airmen
  30. geraldnash
  31. horns82
    Blessed to have found a job!
  32. trophies2
  33. trophies2
    Defender of the Universe
  34. mjUTfan
    Feeding cows as usual
  35. garypollan
    garypollan Eric Nahlin
    Eric love your informed writing. Maybe you can help I have emailed Inside Texas 4 times about my inability as a premium member to access the Inside Scoop all I get are the posted reactions but can't even see the scoop. Can you get the problem solved? Thanks Gary Polland
    1. Eric Nahlin
      Eric Nahlin
      I will have Clendon troubleshoot. Thanks for the message.
      Jan 6, 2017
  36. jimmythesaint
  37. jimmythesaint
    crap.. evidently hit some kin
  38. jimmythesaint
    trying to cancel my subscription.. not sure where to get it done. Tried to do so everyn
  39. jimmythesaint
    just-Sent a message via another link_(i think, not sure)).
  40. jimmythesaint
    Sent message via another