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    HORNnOKLA utfan36
    OSU fans are not like blow u fans ... they never talk crap to me knowing I love my Horns ( wife’s family all went to OSU even her) y’all should have fun at the game
  2. sotxhornsfan
    Allright, Allright, Allright
  3. sotxhornsfan
    Allright, Sllright, Allright
  4. sotxhornsfan
  5. 4ormore2orless
    4ormore2orless dos bobby
    Hey Bobby, you doing ok?
  6. Gianthorns3585
    Gianthorns3585 Justin Wells
    Hey Justin. How do I cancel my sub. Has nothing to do with your coverage I just can’t follow this team anymore.
  7. jpat_farrell
    Austin Native BSME '75
  8. Bandit18
    Yes. Is this my long lost buddy from Longview??
  9. utexas66
    utexas66 Bandit18
    Is this the same Bandit that abandoned us over on Horns247?

  10. Outside Texas
    Outside Texas Scipio Tex
    Paul, good interview on The Horn yesterday. Nice to hear you are in the Marina. I lived two years at Broderick and Chestnut. Fun times. Cheers. TE
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  11. longhornsrock
  12. horns633
    horns633 longhornsrock
    No sir I’m not one of the coaches. Former player who follows very closely.
  13. palmettohorn
    palmettohorn Trifecta
    Yes, I was late to the party (as usual, lol). Thread deleted. Thanks for the heads-up. Hook'em.
  14. Zona Horn
    Zona Horn Chadillac
    Are you still interested in selling those USC tickets?
  15. epistemologist
    epistemologist Halas
    I recall that you mentioned the last time that Deweyville was good at football, you were there. Was George Pachuca there at that time? He came out of retirement after coaching at PN-G for many years and joined a new coaching staff with some friends at Deweyville. Deweyville was good then. Were you there then?
    1. Halas
      I think you may have me confused with someone else. I was never at Deweyville. Sorry, buddy.
      Jul 14, 2018
    2. epistemologist
      I do. Thanks for your reply.
      Jul 14, 2018
  16. uneekbrother
    Alert and sober is no way to go through life.
  17. Horns1960
    Horns1960 Tom Selleck
    How much are you asking?
  18. yasir9717
    Sports is my passion.
  19. Bobcat 9
    Bobcat 9 AbeFroman
    And, I thought your comment was funny. I didn't intend to make fun of it or of you. Thanks, Robert
  20. freeman
    Science informs freedom and reality populates science. Anyone shutting down scientific inquiry is inherently opposed to science and freedom.
  21. Kwstallings
    Kwstallings ClendonRoss
    Hey Clendon just wanted to let you know that I am not renewing my membership. This board has seemed to go all in on recruiting. I think the recruiting content is great, but not what I signed up for. Hopefully you will bring back the content that the Humidor used to provide. I personally would like to see more about the current program than wishful thinking of where we can be in a few years with new players.
  22. msflash
    You boys gonna draw those pistols or whistle Dixie?
  23. roschonsbigbro
    Prolly on the toilet
  24. srr50
    srr50 Justin Wells
    Justin, have the first post and it is looong (2,000 words) so I thought before posting I would run it by you to see if it should be split into two posts or edited. Is email the best way to get the document to you? Thanks
  25. natachamira
  26. 2 feathers
    2 feathers
    Here for the dismantling
  27. Texian77
    Texian77 insidetexas
    Hey! the last two weeks, I have been unable to see the Scoop. I can see the thread with everyone's posts, but no Scoop. Any idea what might be happening? Thanks, dennis
  28. eezem 42
    eezem 42
    Like a single pigeon I felt over a perturbed ocean it left.
  29. andyndrew1
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  30. mohamed5320
  31. wabash
    wabash cannonball
    Welcome,,, to the site hombre
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  32. Wongworns
    Cuzin business is a boomin!
  33. ali111
  34. sugarlandhorn
    sugarlandhorn Eric Nahlin
    Saban is at Katy 7 Lakes today. Who is he seeing you think?
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  35. mortgage247
    Welcome to Texas Mortgage Finance we are one of the most trusted and experienced mortgage service provider in Houston, Texas.
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  36. SAhorn76
    Ora le Ese!
  37. zhsj63
  38. zhsj63
  39. zhsj63
  40. masterp15
    anyone see Derek Warehime get moved to TE's coach? and Former TE coach Corby Meekins will probably move to WR's