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  1. AncientOrange
    AncientOrange Geoff Eneman
    How is your father doing? I haven't seen him in a good while. The doctor may have. told him to stop working and get rest. I've kept him in my prayers.
  2. rem700bdl
    nothing should have changed on my account
  3. sedaro
    sedaro Justin Wells
    I'm also getting a message that I no longer have access. Please help me.
  4. texasblood23
    texasblood23 Justin Wells
    Hey Justin I have the same issue, I dont have any access to the Premium board. I gr a message that says I dont have permission to access it
  5. tylerrose20
    tylerrose20 Eric Nahlin
    Eric- I cannot access my account. Can you help me? It says:

    Inside Texas - Error
    You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
    1. Eric Nahlin
      Eric Nahlin
      Thank you, I sent Clendon a message to see what the issue is.
      Apr 30, 2019
    2. tylerrose20
      Thank you.
      Apr 30, 2019
  6. insidetexas123
  7. insidetexas123
  8. Bayou Horn
    Bayou Horn UTBob92
    Seems like we might have run in the same circles
  9. fernmorals
    we in the texas football business and business is a boomin
  10. tex bastiat
    tex bastiat Sneezybeltran
    Sneezy, I think I am private messaging you. I just wanted to thank you for your help. I wouldn't have derailed the fabulous ACU thread if I had known about this method of contract.
    I threw the roughnecking history in because I think you have referred to the oil fields.
    All the best, and thanks again for your help.
    If your going to be around Abilene on Friday April 5, I'm buying!
  11. padrehorn11
  12. mgtguy1
    mgtguy1 Eric Nahlin
    How do I send something that only u can see
    1. Eric Nahlin
      Eric Nahlin
      I just sent you a private message.
      Jan 17, 2019
  13. Wdlshorn
    Please cancel my paid membership.
  14. padrehorn11
  15. jbseamus83
    jbseamus83 Justin Wells
    Why do I no longer have access to Premium Board material. I get a message that says I don't have permission to access it. Really annoying when NSD is tomorrow.
    1. Justin Wells
      Justin Wells
      Let me check, bud.
      Dec 18, 2018
  16. austintransplant
    austintransplant El Barco
    Hey bud, not sure if and/or how many of these I could possibly use, but just checking to see if these are still available and if you have digital copies of them. Drop me a note if you can and I'll make some calls to my crew.
    1. El Barco
      El Barco
      Sorry you missed it by about 30 min, I'll take down the post
      Nov 30, 2018
    2. austintransplant
      All good, thanks
      Nov 30, 2018
  17. ce1587
  18. Bocklove
    Bocklove Tom Selleck
    I'll buy them. Text me: 512-253-2503
  19. Hookah Horns
  20. parkercooke
    6’1 170lbs | Pro-Style Quarterback |
  21. NCHornFan
    NCHornFan Ian Boyd
    Ian, Can you post and explain why week after week (victory or loss) our defenders blitzing run directly into an offensive lineman in their assigned blitz gap. Hands up vs. heads down used to be taught..
  22. mebarek1971
  23. mebarek1971
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  26. mebarek1971
  27. mebarek1971
    レコード大賞の最有力はDA PUMPの『U S A 』だが、西城秀樹さんのトラウマが…【西城秀樹・ヤングマン・YMCA】
  28. mebarek1971
  29. mebarek1971
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