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Default Larry Brown to SMU

Sorry if this has been posted already.


I love the shot he takes at Iverson.

This move is a head scratcher but what the heck good hire for the Ponies.
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Originally Posted by neptunelonghorn View Post
This move is a head scratcher but what the heck good hire for the Ponies.
Is it? The guy's not going to be around for 3 years and chances are good SMU will be on probation when he leaves.
Originally Posted by ClendonRoss View Post
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Originally Posted by KBrown View Post
They thought they had Saban a year ago.
They thought they had Mack gone six months ago.
They thought they had Luck two months ago.
They thought they had Saban five weeks ago.
They thought they had Saban hours ago.
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Well he's assembled an all-star staff, they got Illinois State HC Tim Jankovich to leave to be Browns assistant/coach in waiting.

They also got, Ulric Maligi. Maligi is in his late 20s, from Dallas and was a huge recruiter for Houston this past year. Houston landed two top 100 kids and their overall class was a consensus top 20.

Prior to moving to college, Maligi coached the Dallas Mustangs AAU program. Huge ties to the program and area. Add Jerrance Howard's contacts/recruiting abilities and SMU is going to land some really good talent. Lots of quality from Dallas/FW area in 2013 and 14.

Oh yeah they'll have plenty of openings as Brown has declined to renew several scholarships and essentially cleaned out the clubhouse of players. He'll have to get cracking on getting some bodies to play in 2012/2013 season.
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