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Default Obama's "Enemies List"

Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney's campaign.
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IMO this is a major blunder by Obama. This is an issue that Romney's campaign needs to publicize and stir up the public against Obama. As someone who remembers the Nixon years, I consider this an impeachable offense.
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Did he make a speech in Arizona a few years ago and called Republicans "our" enemies?

I doubt it'll get a lot of play or if the mainstrean reports it at all it will be to minimize it.

I watched a clip of an interview of Marianna Huffington on the Obama Campaigns ad touting his assination of bin Laden and implying that Romney wouldn't have done it. The interviewers clearly weren't prepared for her to say it was indefensible and an outrage, the lady interviewer was sputtering to defend Obama. Both had that oh crap what do we do looks on their faces, this lady is being critical of the President.
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