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    The 6-foot-2, 195 pound Waco Midway quarterback created a bit of a buzz last Spring as regional college coaches went by to see him throw. This time yielded offers from the likes of Texas Tech and Oklahoma State despite a small catalogue from his sophomore year after splitting time with Rice signee Sam Glaesmann.

    From sophomore film one could easily glean that Mordecai is a plus athlete; a dual with some real quickness. But there wasn't much evidence of his passing acumen.

    Word in April-May began to filter about his strong arm to pair with his quickness. I saw him twice, once with a quarterback coach in this region, and his arm certainly proved to be lively.

    There was much anticipation to start the season for Mordecai, but unfortunately an injury forced him to miss the first three games. He's been making up for it ever since.

    In his absence, the Panthers started off sluggishly to say the least, losing its first two games to Cedar Park and Cedar Ridge by a combined 95-16. Midway regrouped to beat Temple in its third game without Mordecai and hasn't lost since.

    Since his return Mordecai is 6-0, including an overtime win over Belton in one of the wildest games of the season. A game in which Midway was down 14 with 2:30 left and which relied on a Mordecai 4th down run in OT to win.

    He wasn't just clutch, he was statistically phenomenal -- though it's important to note Midway is more than a one-man show.


    Fans tend to overrate stats when projecting from one level to the next, but they are useful. An example would be wanting to see a higher completion percentage than 58.5%, but you'll notice his yards per attempt on the season is quite robust at 9.49, meaning he's throwing the ball down field. (One knock on Mordecai is he will over-throw the ball from time to time -- not uncommon for strong-armed and competitive quarterbacks of any level.)

    Having a 68 yard run is indicative of his ability on the move. He isn't Jalen Hurts or anything, but he'll be more than credible as a runner in a scheme that likes to incorporate ZR or QB power.

    In the Hudl below he twice breaks contain yet keeps his eyes downfield to make the play with his arm, illustrating he's a situationally aware with regards of when to run or pass.

    Ultimately evaluation comes down to traits that can be replicated and projected to the next level. The arm is there, the feet and athleticism are there, and accuracy in the short game and over the middle appears to be there as well. In the Belton game alone he attacked the middle of the field more than Texas does in three or four game stretches.

    He seems a perfect fit for Air Raid or VnS deployment and fittingly those are the schools he's hearing from the most.

    Kliff Kingsbury was on Midway's campus just hours after Tech's late night Thursday victory over Kansas.

    TCU is high on Mordecai and an offer from them wouldn't surprise. He'd be great in that offense as someone who can throw the vertical routes and get loose in ZR.

    Chad Morris has offered and that's smart considering Morris' upside as a coach. Who knows where he'll be coaching in 2018?

    Texas is also very interested and there's been off and on contact between Sterlin Gilbert and Mordecai.

    For a one-game encapsulation take a look at Mordecai's Belton Hudl.
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    Looks like a take

    How would you rank he and Sanders against recent QB prospects like Murray, Stidham, Hurts, Buechele, Robinson, Ehlinger, Robison, Heard, etc coming out of high chool?
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    really hope that texas will eventually start taking 2 qbs every damn year. if it chases those off scared of competition then so be it. let the non survivors transfer. we're texas and it's by far the most a position that's the lifeblood of every program.
  4. Eric Nahlin

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    I think Sanders is in the Buechele/Ehlinger class and Mordecai around Robison (not a slight, I like Robison).

    I liked Hurts a lot but didn't think he'd be an instant impact guy. Of course I didn't think his playbook would read: go make plays.

    Murray will likely be a miss as Heard was at the position.

    Robinson's physical tools are as good as anyone's. Sort of a tough kid to evaluate, though. His accuracy isn't great but he's throwing downfield a lot. His floor scares the **** out of me.

    Looking back, Stidham was probably the best high floor/ceiling candidate but we'll see where he ends up.
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    Will need to work on throwing mechanics, or else he will get a lot of batted passes in college.
  6. stevehorn

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    Probably more than any position, but I'm assuming our 2018 QB targets could possibily depend on who is our HC and OC come 1/1/17.
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    I'm not so sure he's the best QB in Waco. Check out Chase Allison of Robinson HS. Here's a ten minute video of him just throwing TD passes this season.
    His stat line through 9 games is near 400 yards per game with 45 TDs and 4 ints. He's a little small but he has some Shane Buechele in his deep ball.


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