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  1. uthookem

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    Anyone else going to Wrigley to see Pearl Jam late this summer?

    Anyone have any insights into what we should do in the Windy City?

    We will be there on Monday to see PJ and then have Tuesday and Wednesday morning to be tourists in Chicago. Mrs. uthookem plans on us doing a riverboat architecture tour, so that is locked in.

    What else should we see? What about food?

    We planned to Uber from the airport and use public transportation the entire trip.

  2. fdub206

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    Nice! i have no insights on Chicago but i'll be seeing PJ in Seattle this summer.

    TEXBTP Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    If you are going to use public transport then just take the blue line downtown from the airport and save yourself 60 bucks. Depending on the time of day you land it might be quicker.

    Hang out and stay in river north. If you eat Chicago pizza go to Lou Malnatis or Uno. Don’t go to Gino’s, it’s cash only.

    Magnificent mile is great. Go see the bean. Take a day to go to the art museum or the field.

    Cubs likely won’t be in town. Don’t waste time with a Sox game.

    Streeterville had a great Italian spot named Volare but there are so many Italian spots you can’t go wrong.

    Pace your drinking. The bars stay open till 5.
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  4. dmatx

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    Find a good Italian hot beef sandwich. I won't wade into the debate. I've loved each one I've ever had.

    It's great city to wonder around in. Wicker Park is great for random shopping and hangouts. The bean is cool. If you're at all into guitars go to Chicago Music Exchange and drool. A picnic lunch on the shore of Lake Michigan is nice way to chill out or nurse a hangover.
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  5. Eric Nahlin

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    @TexanBlood @windycityhorn @wethorn
  6. wethorn

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    Depending on when you arrive, any ground transport from airport to downtown could suck, especially if you're flying into ORD instead of MDW. The El runs from both spots and will take you downtown. If you arrive mid-morning, ground transport from airport may be ok.

    Mrs uthookem has received good advice on the architectural boat tour of the river, you should listen to her and join her. It's my #1 suggestion. Great way to see a lot of the city and hear the history. You could combine that with the bean, Grant Park and the Art Institute. I'm also a fan of Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum.

    Tons of good food options, it's a food city, whatever your phone app suggests probably won't steer you wrong. West Loop is a happening place now, if you're there, you can try a restaurant where I'm an investor - Great drinks, and scratch Mexican with handmade tortillas. There are also a lot of rooftop bars downtown that are pretty happening and have great views. Most bars are NOT open til 5, only some.

    Have fun!
  7. windycityhorn

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    Can't go wrong with the Architectural boat tour. Bring a sweater.

    I would never take anything but the El from either airport, at any time of day. Don't rent a car. Ubers are plentiful and Chicago is one of the few cities where you can still hail an actual taxicab from the street.

    Take some time before and after the show to wander around Wrigleyville. There will be lots of pre-partying. If you like dive bars, the Nisei Lounge on Sheffield is the oldest bar in the neighborhood and a true throwback. After the concert if you're properly buzzed, you can try the Weiner's Circle if you're brave. (Maybe Google before you go so you're not surprised.)

    Plan to spend one evening on the bar/restaurant corridor on Randolph Street (just west of the highway) which is packed with some of the best restaurants in the city, if not the country. The Girl and the Goat and Au Cheval (famous burgers) are the most popular and may require a reso but you can also stumble into almost any place on Randolph and get an amazing meal.

    If you're staying in or near the Loop you can really spend half a day in and around Grant Park. Go see The Bean (AKA Cloud Gate) and the Art Institute. Skip Navy Pier.

    Chicago is a walking town and you can't go wrong picking a neighborhood and just wandering. Your best bets are Wicker Park and Lincoln Park.

    Before you go, watch The Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and High Fidelity.

    And whatever you do, if you get a hot dog in Chicago, do not under any circumstances put ketchup on it.
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  8. uthookem

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    Thank you guys! I'm trying to go ahead and reserve the boat tour this weekend!
  9. TexanBlood

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    @uthookem Best part is you’re going at a time when the weather is warm. I think everyone made the right recommendations.

    Might not want to bring the mrs to Magnificent Mile. And if you do tell her you forgot your wallet.

    As far as pizza goes, please know that most Chicagoans eat thin crust over deep dish. We usually order that when we have guests in town. It’s mainly for tourist. Further, I’d say most patronize their local mom and pop pizza shops. Every Chicago suburb has one. But, if you want a nice buttery crust go to Lou’s. Go to Giordanos if you want more cheese and a flakier crust. The latter is more of stuffed pizza.

    If you want Italian Beef, go to Al’s. Best beef sandwiches in town! And if you put ketchup on your hot dog I will find you and I will kill you!

    Oh and if you’re gonna go to Sears tower and do the sky deck, just know it’ll probably be a 2 hour wait to get up there.

    But yes, definitely do the museums. They’re amazing. I agree with @windycityhorn and skip Navy Pier. Nothing to see there. Unless you wanna go on a Ferris wheel.

    Have fun!
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  10. TexanBlood

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    Now that’s funny!
  11. okole

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    Heading to Seattle, as well...only for first show.

    re: in Chicago, look up the Prohibition Tour....well worth your, informative, fun... :)
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  12. fdub206

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    How was the show? Heard it was great. I can't wait for tonight's!
  13. Toadvine

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    I'm not gonna read the thread, but my vote is for Chicago. I get that Peter Cetera is an acquired taste, but at least he doesn't take himself as seriously as Vedder.
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  14. TheBigGuitar

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    By all accounts, Eddie is a good guy.

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