Fake News?

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Events' started by HornsUp, Jan 10, 2017.

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    DIE GASPUMPER!!!!!!!

    Semper Fi
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    "I think apologizing's a great thing, but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I'm ever wrong."
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    Donald Trump could pull a pistol out and shoot Jake Tapper in the face and the Trump supporters would have no problem with it.

    -Pussy grabbing? That's just guy talk.

    -Insult John McCain because "I like guys that weren't captured."? McCain's a RINO.

    -Mock a disabled guy? Oh, he's a lib journalist that had it coming.

    -Claim Mexico agreed to pay for a wall they say they will never pay for? Hell yeah they're gonna pay 'cuz Trump sez words.

    -Trade compliments with Putin? Putin's a "strong and effective leader."

    -Announce he can repeal Obamacare in a couple of weeks because he has no idea how government works? Fine. Neither do we.

    -Throw the national intelligence community under the bus to protect Russia - a committed national enemy? Oh they're just sore loser democrats or republican "establishment".

    I'm convinced that as long as this dipsh-t has an "R" next to his name he can do damn well anything he wants and the righties will snap their shoulders out of socket patting him on the back.
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  4. HornsUp

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    Apparently the release of his tax returns is now delayed because someone peed on them.
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    Yeah! Let's fire him now! Damn pubs getting in the way of our righteousness! Who's with me!?
  6. rope4747

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    Kinda. I think it's more accurate to say the team sports mentality of politics has gotten in the way of our reasoning ability. "It doesn't matter if the RB punched a girl in the face if he's on my team." And it doesn't matter if the democratic nominee was emailing classified documents on an unsecure server as long as she's my candidate. And it doesn't matter if the president-elect cozies up to a dictator as long as I voted for him.
  7. bHero

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    It's still to near the campaign. I'm very critical of both parties, and not a Trump fan. I do want to see several of his stated policies enacted, and he sucks as a person.

    But there still has not been one single legit (sizable) link, deal or conflict of interest with Trump and Putin. Dude hasn't started a company or bought a property in Russia. The only legitimate beef I've found is that he's partnered with a Russian investor on a US property deal. If someone can find something else (legitimate, not trademark), please feel free to add. This is a lame angle to me.

    Point is, I don't think he's "cozying up" to Putin, not yet anyways.
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    I'm anxiously waiting for the Chump News Network to whine constantly for the next four years. Trump should remove them from the POTUS press pool.
  9. RepOfTexas

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    Both parties have been that way for a long time and so has the media. The parties only care about power and money. The media cares about money and ideology. The parties and the media have no credibility and it's their own fault. Just as with a sports franchise nothing will change until they feel it in the wallet.
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    You think news reporting suddenly changed in 2004? Even if 2004 were the watershed year everything changed Dan Rather would deserve some credit as well.
  11. Selvinsankle

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    Rather's duping in 2004 by the bogus Bush/Texas National Guard documents is another example of how Fox News came to dominate national political reporting.
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  12. RepOfTexas

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  13. Selvinsankle

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  14. cctxfan

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    It'll be interesting to see if these allegations of Russia having compromising info on Trump ultimately prove true. Right now they are unsubstantiated - we'll see.

    If they are untrue, CNN will certainly have egg on its face.
  15. scott_tiger

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    I think CNN was fine with what they reported. Buzzfeed, not so much.
  16. Burnt Orange

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    Well it seems that James Clapper confirmed CNN's accounts.
  17. Duke Silver

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    They're not true. There are easily verifiable facts in the report and the memo has been in the hands of journalists and investigators for months.
  18. RepOfTexas

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    Fox isn't responsible for what CBS did.
  19. sausalitohorn

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  20. Shane3

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    Hahaha! They do the same thing on sports talk radio out here. They call it the "hook". It's so annoying.
  21. cctxfan

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    I haven't paid attention to all the details, ie, who was in Prague (or not), MI6 agents, etc. Was basically referring to the claim that Russia has damaging info on Trump.

    EDIT: And there is also a difference between CNN's report that Trump was briefed on this by intelligence and what Buzzfeed did.
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  22. Shane3

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    Yes. It will further damage them, even beyond this new low in September.

    P.S. They're clearly not interested in learning.


    September 14, 2016

    Americans' Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low
    by Art Swift

    Story Highlights
    • 32% say they have "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of trust
    • 14% of Republicans express trust, down from 32% last year
    • Confidence drops among younger and older Americans
  23. Shane3

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    I hope the people behind this hoax are investigated to the bitter end.
  24. bHero

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  25. Shane3

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    If that's what it takes.


    Who Was Behind CNN’s “Fake News” on Trump?

    On this basis, the story could and should have turned against the Intelligence Community, with reporters asking why unverified information had been used against Trump and whether this was retaliation for his criticism. But this course of action by CNN would make it impossible for CNN reporters to go back to these same sources for scurrilous information and false charges in the future. This fact makes it abundantly clear that the news organization was being used by anonymous sources in the Intelligence Community, most likely the CIA.

    Since CNN likes anonymous sources, I will use one of my own. “This is a classic CIA blackmail operation where the CIA under Director John Brennan uses someone else’s dirt for the blackmail, and postures themselves as ‘innocent’ in presenting it to Trump,” one observer of the Intelligence Community told me. This is certainly the real story—that an intelligence agency run by Obama’s CIA director would use an American television network to attack the President-elect with scurrilous and unsubstantiated charges.

    This is how the Intelligence Community, in Schumer’s words, got back at Trump.
  26. bHero

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    I think most of us understand the CIA is behind it, especially with Bernstein's name on it. I don't think it was a blackmail, but a warning and a parting shot. Like I said in another post it's equivalent of "emptying the clip". Did you did you notice that CNN claimed justification in reporting it because the CIA was carrying it?

    And did you notice that NBC's intelligence source said the intelligence agency only carried it to show trump what disinformation looks like compared to their analyzed intelligence? And also that they claimed that Trump was never briefed on the memo (not as important - just gives more time)?

    Is "the" important distinction, the CIA did not leave classified materials with Trump and Trump tower has no official way to store top-secret material. It was an oral briefing.

    So the CIA briefs Trump, doesn't go over this notorious 2 page synopsis located somewhere in the stack of briefing documents, and then leaves, taking the briefing materials with them. Trump never hears about it, then CNN gets tipped off after the meeting. They grant credence to the 35 page memo, CNN builds it up with a logical fallacy known as argument from authority, then BuzzFeed publishes it. And everyone gets to claim that no one knew what the other person was doing.

    It should've worked. But instead it backfired, costing CNN credibility, the intelligence service just justified trumps ridiculous behavior towards them, and Rex Tillerson got a free pass. Pretty much worst case scenario.
  27. Hiphopster

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    This all comes down NOT to this sex scandal stuff but to whether or not the Trump campaign in general and Trump specifically, knew and coordinated on the hacking efforts into Hillary by Russia.

    If he did, not only is it impeachable, but he also goes to jail. Hello, President Pence (assuming he didn't know anything either).

    I'd just throw out one circumstantial piece of evidence now. Does anybody remember when Donald got up on the campaign trail and begged Russia to hack Hillary to find the missing emails?? Who does that? Why do that? Unless you're already aware of some subterfuge of the kind by that actor, I think it's pure evidence of knowledge of what was ongoing. I think Paul Manafort has his hands in this too. And I think that's why he was hired originally.

    And I'd bet you a bunch of money folks in the media are running down every inch of this backstory.
  28. bHero

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    Come on now.

    The "Russia find hillary's missing emails" thing was an obvious joke. He said it after Russia had been accused of hacking the DNC. And he did while attacking Russia for not having respect and attacking the press because they want her emails.

    Can we try to be rational?
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  29. Duke Silver

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    You realize who you're talking to right?
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  30. Hiphopster

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    I often find rationale in hubris. And you're oblivious if you don't think others have drawn a connection also.
  31. Duke Silver

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    Hahaha. Picking up right where you left off--incoherence.
  32. Hiphopster

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    Your skin. I'm underneath it. Feels like home.
  33. bHero

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    I've already said I thing Trump has something going with Russia. And I said it's par for the course. McCain obviously has something going with the British. And Hillary obviously has something going with several foreign countries. And Bush and the Saudis... and on and on it goes.
  34. Duke Silver

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    Though I am a little surprised that I forgot what a pathetic loser you are.
  35. bHero

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    Oh, Obama.

    From NYT Contributing writer and EIC of YNet News.

    "During the meeting, according to the Israelis who participated in it, their American colleagues voiced despair over Trump’s election, as he often lashes out at the American intelligence community. The American officials also told the Israelis that the National Security Agency (NSA) had “highly credible information” that Russia’s intelligence agencies, the FSB and GRU, were responsible for hacking the Democratic Party (DNC) servers during the elections and leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks, which hurt Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    The American officials further added that they believed Russian President Vladimir Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump – but did not elaborate. They were apparently referring to what was published Wednesday about embarrassing information collected by the Russian intelligence in a bid to blackmail the president-elect.

    The Americans implied that their Israeli colleagues should “be careful” as of January 20, Trump’s inauguration date, when transferring intelligence information to the White House and to the National Security Council (NSC), which is subject to the president. According to the Israelis who were present in the meeting, the Americans recommended that until it is made clear that Trump is not inappropriately connected to Russia and is not being extorted – Israel should avoid revealing sensitive sources to administration officials for fear the information would reach the Iranians."

    So now the Israelis shouldn't listen to Trump because he's in Putin's pocket and they will give it to Iran.


    See the "concerted action" I've been talking about wrt to Trump and Israel?


    "...I also think Obama has purposefully fomented discord to slow down Trump's agenda. The biggest dramas are occurring exactly where his agenda sits, before he touched it. I think the outgoing administration (and DNC) has flamed sensibilities and acted directly to stymie Trump."
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    I never forgot you are an insufferable self-loathing asshat that lashes out wildly at every idea and poster you find even remotely challenging to your pathetic and self-serving worldview.
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    Chump News Network? What is...OHHHHHHH...I see what you did there. CNN. C-N-N. Even though it really stands for "Cable News Network", you changed the "Cable" to "Chump" so now instead of "Cable News Network" it stands for "Chump News Network". Wow! How did you come up with that? That's phenomenal! Did you write that on your own or was that a product of your writing staff? That had to be a staff idea. Nobody comes up with something that creative and original on their own. Unbelievable. Do you have any more? By all means, after you and your staff get together again post a few more. Off the top of my head I can't think of any because it's such a complex joke and there are so many words that start with "C" it's a little overwhelming to even consider. That's impressive, Shane. Damn impressive. "Chump News Network". Brilliant. Absolutely and irrefutably brilliant. Kudos, Sir. And kudos again.
  38. bHero

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    I'm confused. What is the "C" supposed to stand for?
  39. rope4747

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    There's no telling. But I'm betting that when Shane and his writers get rolling, it's gonna stand for "hilarity".
  40. Duke Silver

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