Hurricane Florence

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Events' started by JG, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Lol. Over-dramatic weatherman

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    What a dope
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    @TexasPalladin - I'm hearing both Camp Lejeune & Fort Bragg hit hard from Hurricane Florence...not sure Bragg has seen the worst just yet

    A couple of former Marines that I've worked with sent messages stating the housing around Lejeune has significant damage
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    Yeah, a friend has both daughters home from fixing to drop a new grandchild. Said the Bragg advised all civilians to evacuate and only the RDF and essential personnel stayed.
    Got another who's a retired SgtMaj who's got a son at LeJune who told him that they basically evacuated the base of everyone except essential personnel.
    It's a mess.

    Semper Fi
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