Hurricane Michael

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    I was in Ivan and the eye passed directly over our house. I stepped out in the courtyard and it was eerie calm. Looked up and saw the stars shining bright. It was beautiful. So serene. Then the back side of Ivan hit and I ran back in the house. Zero to 110 in nothing flat.
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    I just gently encouraged you to avoid the wrath of mother
    And your lovely Bride.

    Semper Fi
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    I’m happy about our situation, but it’s tempered by the misfortune of others in the path of Michael.
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    Lateest predictions say Augusta could see winds up to 70 mph. Yikes! Being 3+ hours from any coast we're not used to dealing with hurricanes.
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    Hurricane Michael spawns ‘monster’ mosquitoes FIVE TIMES the normal size and their bite is like being stabbed with a needle


    Holy Sh*t!

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    If Florida gets nuked.....I want all y'all to get you some of dat.:D Errybody! That's just the kind of son-of-a-bitch I am.
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    What about for storms that aren't that organized and don't have a clearly defined eye?
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    Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho you would fit right in. I love it here.
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    I've been to both and I agree with you now that I think about it. Being a Native Texas automatically qualifies me to Global Entry status into each of the above.
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    Looks like you made the right choice this time. Mexico Beach looks to be gone. How close are you to there?
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    They all have a center of rotation of some sort and that’s what they use.
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    The drone video of that town....unreal. It’s gone.
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    While it’s sad for Mexico Beach, the storm made a hard right turn just before landfall otherwise instead of a small town that is Panama City that’s wiped out.

    Probly saved a bunch of lives.
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    I'm 30 miles from Panama City Beach and that 30 miles spared us from the same fate as PCB. Not to say we didn't get hurricane wind and rain, but it was the difference in survival and catastrophic mode.

    It was a difficult decision for me in that I have ridden out Andrew, Katrina, Ivan, Dennis and more, so Michael seemed a candidate.

    I had been over in our other home in Daphne, AL doing some work there when this all broke out. I went back to Santa Rosa Beach because there were bits and pieces my wife had left undone at that home before she left. Things that would become flying objects and other things like turning off the water sprinkler system.

    So I came across the Mid-Bay Tollway the afternoon of the day before. I rode down Old Scenic 98 to see the water and the waves were already coming in powerful and the beaches were over-ran already. The traffic on the main road 98 was practically nil. It was a ghost town.

    I got everything locked down by nightfall, talked to my neighbors and settled in for landfall the next day. Then, it all changed. Michael picked up intensity and became a high Cat 4 and an emerging Cat 5. My family staged a mutiny about me being there and I decided that being 11 feet above sea level and on a sliver of land between the Gulf of Mexico and the Choctawhatchee Bay wasn't all that clever with a hurricane of this magnitude so around midnight I locked up and made it back across the Mid-Bay Tollway Bridge - with practically no traffic for once.

    Across the street from where our house is there is a State of Florida designated wetlands that is part of the 15,000 acre Point Washington State Forest. Our property flows freely into there and winds it way back around to 331 and that is the area that receives to the water. I couldn't count on that not backflowing with a Cat 4/5 if Michael deviated from landfall. Especially since the Choctawhatchee River, Black River, et al. flow into the Bay. It would have been nice to ride it out, but I did the right thing to not worry my family. It was also more risk than I can afford to take with my health being what it is. I'll be 74 on the 25th of this month and although I think I'm bulletproof my body objects to my mentality. I made the right decision.

    You've been down here before, Duke, so you are aware of how special this place is environmentally. There is an ecological system here that is pretty much unsurpassed. Our lagoons are only rivaled in the world by some in Australia and even those come in second place. Conservation efforts are ongoing to protect the health and longevity of these special ecosystems. True Coastal Dune Lakes occur in only a few places around the world, but 15 are found along the beaches of South Walton County.

    To quote the Florida Natural Areas Inventory "South Walton's coastal dune lakes are imperiled globally because of extreme rarity. They are also indispensable to the coastline as wetland systems that filter and store water, provide habitat for a wide variety of unique plants and animals, and exist as a natural estuarine transition between the Gulf and upland areas."

    So, to wrap it up, I am extremely pleased this area was somewhat spared and distressed at the hardships to our PCB, Mexico Beach neighbors must endure.

    Thanks for the concern, it is appreciated.
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    Tanks for the news Brother! How bad was PCB hit? I assume the Daphne mansion was spared any damage?
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    I'll be going over to PCB maybe in the next few days. I want to check the house out and perhaps get into PC and PCB. I have to leave Wednesday to drive up to Nashville for an appointment to see my oncologist on Thursday.

    The Daphne Mansion on the Eastern Shore is empirically invincible. SRB, not so much, but being constructed in 2005 it is sturdy thanks to the Florida Building Codes. In terms of building codes, Florida took Andrew as a hard lesson learned. Prior to Andrew building codes were not rigorously enforced because that tended to slow down construction and raise costs. I think they went back to see how some of those old Floridian homes were built to survive hurricanes and learned some things.
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    The biggest thing they figured out is that you have to strap the roof to the walls and the walls to the foundation much better than we had done it.

    When one section fails in high winds, the roof is often blown apart so every link in the chain is critical.

    We saw some of that in Rockport after Harvey. I looked at a house from 1970 that had been renovated and updated to current codes, and it withstood 145 mph just fine. But a similar 1970 house next door that had not been updated? Nothing left but the piles and floor beams.
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    Drove over the Panama City and Panama City Beach today. It looks like Panama City Beach took a hurricane, Panama City took a beating and I didn't care to see where Mexico Beach use to be.

    Took a few snapshots, but you can see better ones on the news. I stayed on 98 and didn't go down by the beach on 30 in PCB or down toward Tyndall in PC. I saw a Miami/Dade Fire Rescue vehicle blast past me and all sorts of emergency vehicles were on the way somewhere or another. The trees were all falling south back toward the Gulf of Mexico which is natural being we were on the left side of the eye of the hurricane.

    Everybody was heading east getting out of there and the traffic that way was creep, crawl and stop. I saw 2 commercial trucks turned over on each other and a half block away someone had set up a tent and was serving free food to people. They will get this cleaned up and the cities will be better than ever. Tourism brings too much income into PC and PCB for them not too. Mexico Beach will have to take the New Orleans rode to recovery unless they have the willpower of the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: Long Beach, Pass Christian, D'Iberville, Biloxi, Gulfport and Bay St. Louis come to mind.

    If you wanted to make money off this disaster, be in the sign making, fence installation or tree removal business. @TexasPalladin

    1.JPG 2.JPG 1.JPG 2.JPG 3.jpg 4.jpg
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    Paradise Bar & Grill - Pensacola Beach, Florida. Sent to me by a friend. One of the best live music venues. It is on the bay side of Pensacola Beach on the barrier island of Santa Rosa. Across from Pensacola and Gulf Breeze. 95 miles west of Panama City Beach, Florida. @TexasPalladin
    11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg
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    We’ve done our initial assessment of the conditions during the storm.

    A big problem with measuring accurately what really happens in these is that people always greatly exaggerate how high the winds are or how high the water was. But now there are a combination of research firms that use very accurate devices in the field during the storm combined with computer analysis and modeling of Doppler radar data and you can get the real picture.

    The highest three second wind gusts from Michael on land were 156 mph near Mexico Beach. And the highest water line the USGS has measured was just over 17 feet above sea level.

    That’s freaking NASTY.

    That’s the highest winds hitting the US since Andrew, and the highest surge since Ike. And y’all remember how Ike pretty much wiped part of Bolivar away? Only two feet higher, and winds 50 mph lower.

    Also to compare, the highest winds recorded from Harvey were 132 mph in sport Aransas and 142 in Rockport.

    It was damn lucky Michael veered east at the last minute. Well not so lucky for Mexico Beach but if that eyewall went over Panama City we would seen hundreds more people killed.
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    Michael whacked the most Republican part of Florida and the polls since have shown the Dems surging in both the senate and gubernatorial races.
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