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    I had been seeing this kid's stat lines leading up my town's game against DeLeon for the last few weeks but kind of blew it off as lots of these small school QBs aren't legit prospects....

    Kevin Yeager- Sophomore QB at DeLeon HS

    The kid can make any throw across the field that he wants, has good footwork, calm in the pocket but has great sense of when to escape and can make a throw on the run.

    I think his stat line against us ran 10-15 for 290 yards, 4TDs another 90 yards and 1TD rushing. These numbers against a Valley Mills team that runs clock control offense...

    In his HUDL, you can see his first half highlights and I think he was injured for part of that so there should probably be more tape on him later.

    Obviously, being a small school, it's a stretch to think he becomes a big time prospect unless his folks move him to Stephenville but he will be a steal for a mid-major somewhere.
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    I've been a fan of his since I saw his freshman highlights last year. Unless he impresses at a bunch of camps over the next two summers it might be hard for him to get D1 interest, but he's definitely got potential. His dad is DeLeon's head coach, so I kinda doubt he makes a move up to Stephenville, but he's exactly the kind of kid Art Briles and his successors would have tried to lure there 15-20 years ago (see: Kevin Kolb moving from Decatur and Jevan Snead moving from Eden).

    I first noticed Yeager when I saw that he'd been named his district's Offensive MVP (not offensive newcomer of the year, MVP!) and was a first team all-district defensive back as a freshman. Even in Class 2A that's impressive.
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    When I saw him play the other night, I was blown away by his savvy, his arm strength and the fact that he was making adjustment at the line of scrimmage without the help of the sideline. I was even more blown away to find out he was a sophomore. Hopefully the dad is smart enough to get him in some camps.
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    Kid is still balling - headed to regional finals after great performance on both offense and defense. His dad was my son's coach a few years ago; top notch family!
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    I may try to find a game and watch this kid. He looks solid. Impressive Hudl highlites.
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