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Discussion in 'Politics and Current Events' started by windycityhorn, Nov 6, 2018.

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    There’s no number that says a person who voted for one senatorial candidate would support a different candidate in a different state simply because they’re in the same party. They may simply abstain or vote for her opponent. They are different races and it’s completely meaningless to do some national count.
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  4. windycityhorn

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    So looks like we're headed for recounts in Florida (Senate, governor, and a few state offices). Georgia may be headed for a runoff or a recount. And I think Arizona is still to be determined. If you enjoyed 2000, you'll love the sequel.

    I actually know way too much about election process in Florida since I worked on a documentary on the 2000 recount. Not sure what has changed since then but the sheer amount of variance, county to county and precinct to precinct, was astounding. And I doubt it's much different now.

    The fact that there are so many different standards for how we run elections across this country, and that we still see reports every election day of machines breaking down, counting votes for the wrong party, three-hour lines to vote, confusing ballots, people being purged for BS reasons... it's embarrassing for the world's leading democracy. And that's a bipartisan assessment. I don't know which state had a more chaotic election day, New York or Georgia. SMH.
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    Interestingly, the Gillum campaign has hired the lawyer that represented Bush in the 2000 recount.
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    Sinema now up 8,000 in Arizona. Looks like it will be a Dem pickup.
  7. UTGrad91

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    Don't think the Florida recounts will change the results. Recounts rarely change the results and normally the difference going into the recount is in the hundreds. The senate race in Florida is the closest of the 2 races and Scott is up 17,000.
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    That’s shocking. She’s nuts.
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    Arizona has a unique system that normally does not get national attention. Most of their ballots come by mail and many arrive on Election Day. It often takes days or weeks to finish the count because clerks must verify the signature on each ballot. The GOP is now suing to stop some of those ballots from being considered.

    It will be interesting in all these states but Florida especially if the parties learned the lessons of 2000. It’s gonna be days if not weeks before we know the makeup of the Senate.
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    To be fair the GOP was complaining and making noises about a suit before the election. I think they are trying to force a reform of the system, rather than just trying to throw votes out to win. The late-early thing is crazy.
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    Meanwhile in Broward County all kinds of shenanigans continue in one the most corrupt places in the country for elections to be held.
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    Reminds me of Daley during the 1960 Presidential election.
    He basically said...Tell me how many votes you need to win.
    Joe Kennedy wanted exact numbers because as he stated "I don't want to pay for anymore than he needs".
    Chicago is also famous for having a large percentage of dead people voting.

    Florida Democrats are just transplanted Chicagoans.

    Semper Fi
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  13. TexasPalladin

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    No...What's truly shocking is that there is now proof positive that voters truly are that stupid.

    Semper Fi
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  14. windycityhorn

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    You are correct that the AZ GOP had been talking about this before the election. I am not as charitable as you regarding their intentions. It's probably not coincidental that the counties in question happen to have high Democratic populations. If the AZ GOP had wanted to enact election reforms, they've had several years of control of the governorship and legislature in which to do so.

    Similarly @calvin farquhar and @TexasPalladin I am skeptical, to put it mildly, of Rick Scott's motives with regard to Broward County. Do ya think he has a dog in that fight? Broward has long been a source of elections shenanigans. But you could say the same about many other counties in the state. And you could sure say it in Georgia, which has a shameful history of voter suppression. If Chicago and Broward County make you upset, so should Georgia. Like I say, it's a bipartisan problem. And both parties only want to fix it in ways that benefit themselves.

    The golden of rule of recounts is always this, regardless of where the election is held: The party that is behind at the end of Tuesday will argue to count all the votes, and the party that is ahead will seek to stop the counts. Everything else is window dressing.
  15. TexasPalladin

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    Is the tl:dr version of what you are say is....
    Who Loses?...Who Gains?
    It are in play!

    I agree with what you are saying to a large degree.
    In the case of Broward?
    I believe this was one of those Daley examples.
    It is fairly blatant and egregious.

    At the end of the day it will all play out and someone is going to cry foul, racism, criminal behavior, etc, etc.
    This isn't a new phenomenon (People have been cheating on elections since stone tablets were used to tabulate votes) in elections. It's why I don't get up in arms about things like gerrymandering...Democrats are going to do the exact same thing as soon as they have the ability to do so....and so it goes.

    I think that the biggest concern I have right now is the general mood/atmosphere of the country as a whole.
    As I have previously stated, I have not seen things this bad since the 60's.
    And I do not see it getting any better....

    Semper Fi
  16. UTGrad91

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    At least they knew how to cheat in Chicago. They miraculously came up with just enough votes in Cook county to put Kennedy over the top in 1960. In Broward County they had all the extracurricular heroics and still came up short. If you're going to cheat, do it right!!
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  17. cctxfan

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    Pretty much this. Each party has their own ways of ‘cheating.’
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  18. futures2015

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    Governor Rick Scott warns 'rampant fraud' possible in Broward, Palm Beach counties
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  19. mannybeingmanny

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  20. UTGrad91

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    I bet half of Sinema's voters couldn't even tell you her name now, they just went to the polls to vote for the candidate with the D next to their name. They have no clue that she's a nutcase.
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  21. TEXBTP

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    You can say that about most every voter in this country.
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  22. JG

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    As of today’s update, Sinema’s lead is now 21,000 votes.
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  25. Shane3

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    From Chicago? Then it’s okay.
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  26. bHero

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    Chicago is a lost cause.
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  27. UTGrad91

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    The remaining votes come from Pub areas and plus there are still the military ballots that will go Pub by a wide margin. Lead should narrow if nothing else.
  28. UTGrad91

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    Broward County finally posts unofficial results today, only 4 days after legally required and only after court ordered. Surprise Surprise I bet they are just enough to put Nelson in the lead.
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  29. JG

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    The exit poll was 49.55 to 49.45. This one may wind up like the FL race.

    Why don’t we just split the difference and either have Nelson and McSally or Scott and Sinema and save a bunch of hassle and litigation?
  30. UTGrad91

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    I don't mind the Pubs losing Arizona at all. There's no BS going on it's just the way Arizona does their elections.
  31. JG

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    You say that until Sinema winds up ahead by 143 votes. I saw “you”, maybe you won’t personally, but the party behind in a close election always cries foul.
  32. Burnt Orange

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    It happened when Steve king became member of congress
  33. TexasPalladin

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    If the was supposed to be a "Gotcha!"
    It failed miserably.
    We've had plenty of examples on every level and side that are great examples of the innate idiocy of of both politicians and voters.
    She is just the latest and greatest.
    And that was all I was pointing out.
    If you want to talk about Hank Johnson?
    You would have had a winner.

    Semper Fi
  34. Burnt Orange

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    Not supposed to be a gotcha. Just pointing out the fact that we have been doomed for a very long time. Long before Octaivia-Cortez even contemplated politics. You know that and yet you only reference her.

    I dont blame you. We are now in the era of team sports politics. Even after everything has happened, I am willing to bet that a majority of Republicans would vote for King over Obama, Beto or any other democratic candidate.
  35. Horns1960

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    And Keith Ellison is #2 in DNC. Clean your own house before you lecture anyone else. Gillum is no better. Farrakhan wields political power in DNC and chants “Death to America” in Iran. Yet a majority of Dems would vote for Farrakhan over Bush, Trump, or McCain.
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  36. Burnt Orange

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    What the **** about team sports politics do you not understand?
  37. Burnt Orange

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    I honestly don't believe that a majority of democrats would vote for Farrakhan over Bush and McCain. Trump is just as crazy, so I would call that a tossup .
  38. Horns1960

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    Obama broke bread with the crazy MF. It was a racial thing for Barry, just like everything else. Keep black Americans angry, ignorant, and impoverished....page one of the DNC playbook. Barry thrived at racist politics.
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  39. JG

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    Lead is now 30,000 votes after today’s count.

    Lead for Scott in FL is 12,500.
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