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    While most of the attention given to the Houston Lamar defensive backfield goes to Anthony Cook and D’Shawn Jamison, they can’t cover the defensive backfield all by themselves.

    I recently talked with someone who gave me three names to keep an eye out for this season for Lamar.

    First up is 2018 safety Zion Burrell. Burrell has high expectations coming off a collarbone injury he suffered in the Texans’ second game against Hightower. He is competing for the spot that 2017 Baylor signee Tre Lewis occupied, and at the same time has high expectations for his team.

    “I’m expecting us to make a state championship run,” Burrell said. “I felt like we could have went last year. I know we have the talent and the skills, me and my team, to make a good run in the playoffs and hopefully win a state title for the first time in a long time for Lamar.”

    While competing for that safety position, Burrell also spent time last year playing special teams.

    “I did play some special teams,” Burrell said. “I love tackling. I love running down the field and going and hitting somebody. It’s very exciting.”

    Burrell says he is currently 6-foot-2, 185 pounds with a goal of reaching 200 pounds. He said his 40 time was in the 4.6 range, and his vertical was 37.5.

    With limited game tape, Burrell’s recruitment really has not taken off yet. UTSA is showing interest, and he plans to make it to UTSA’s spring game.


    While Jamison and Cook may have two spots locked down. There’s still some open competition for another spot in the defensive backfield.

    2019 CB Alex Hogan is in the thick of that competition, and he has the right mentality for competition on the football field. “I just find the inner dog,” Hogan said.

    Hogan measures at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds right now. Even though he’s young, he has received one offer from Memphis. He told me he’s also been hearing from Central Arkansas and from Michigan State recently.

    Hogan played varsity all of last season, and had his biggest game against archrival Bellaire.


    We finish with the youngest of the players I spoke with, 2020 CB Joseph Wilson.

    Wilson was called up to the playoffs last year as a freshman, but did not get a lot of action. He did bring flexibility to the team, as he can play both offense and defense, though he prefers corner.

    The 6-foot-0, 160 pound corner moved from Florida to Houston just over two years ago, and wants to compete right away for Lamar.

    “I feel like I’ve got a decent shot,” Wilson said. “I’ll try to beat the next man. I want to be that man.”

    Wilson has one school he has a connection to, as he is related to Quincy Wilson, a cornerback from the University of Florida. He also likes another Florida school, Miami, and has heard a little bit from them.

    He’s been on the 40 Acres before, as he visited with some schoolmates during his eighth grade year.

    All in all, after the elite talent at the top for Lamar, there’s still some good football players on the field.
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    Needs to add at least 160ish pounds, imo

    Good article. Intrigued by Burrell. Great size, vertical, and a decent 40 time for a safety. Could be a steal with that injury should other options not pan out. Too bad this class is absolutely loaded at DB or I'm sure we'd be keeping a much closer eye on him
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    Do you know if Cook played varsity as a freshman? Was just curious if he played with Holton or not.
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    Lamar does not let freshman play varsity no matter how good they are. They may put them on the varsity for the playoffs but they won't play.
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    Thanks, never knew that. I sometimes wonder about stuff like this at loaded high schools.

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