NFL teams' charitable efforts as part of protests: a running list

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Events' started by Halas, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Halas

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    Interesting note. On the front page of Yahoo the article was titled "How NFL stars are backing up their protests". Once clicked on the headline came up what is now the title of the thread.

    My problem with this is there is a lot of talking and not much action. Donating money is all well and good. I wish we'd see more time committed by those that are protesting towards their goals.
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  2. Horns05

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    Hopefully , they can make some positive changes .
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    It's a start. Good for them.
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  5. Halas

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    Good for him to do something after lying about his experience in Vegas. Money still doesn’t equal time or equality for that matter.
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  6. WilCoHorn

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    He said it months ago and basically dared others to do the same. He has camps in Texas and Hawaii thru his foundation for sports and nutrition. He went to ND for camps. He went to Haiti with his teammate Avril to view Haiti. I would say he likely gives more than most.
  7. Sneezybeltran

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    So he's not a complete piece of **** though he acts and talks like one most of the time? Ok, cool. Tell him to let his brother know he sucked for the Cowboys!
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  8. Sneezybeltran

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    I'm sure you've followed this issue quite closely saucy.
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  9. Halas

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    Those are all excellent things and ones I applaud him for. They also all have zero to do with the point of the protest.
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    Bennett’s sitting during the anthem Sunday at the Chargers’ StubHub Center drew national attention -- plus controversy and ire. CNN interviewed him following Tuesday’s practice. CNN wasn’t interviewing him last week.

    Many fans and citizens believe by sitting during the anthem he disrespected traditional symbols, history and representations of our country. Bennett and his supporters say that view is missing the point of the protest and its message: the need to fix society’s treatment of minorities.

    Bennett is the son of a U.S. Army sergeant. He has visited inner-city neighborhoods across the U.S. in the last year. He spent much of his offseason touring the country doing speaking engagements on social issues, issues of race and policing and motivating disadvantaged youth and advocating for women’s rights. He went to Haiti with teammate and fellow Pro Bowl defensive end Cliff Avril to help build schools there. This summer Bennett visited with the Standing Rock, the Sioux tribe in a legal fight with the government over the Dakota Access pipeline through its lands in the upper Midwest.

    Read more here:
  11. Halas

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    Speaking engagements on social issues. To his credit good for him to go and do that around the country. It’s still lacking action in my opinion. Oh, and he still verifiably lies about his Vegas experience in order to try and further his cause.
  12. Duke Silver

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    In their defense, it's hard to do anything in the middle of a season.
  13. Halas

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    Oh, no doubt. This started well over a year ago, though. My thing with it is I support their reason for protesting. I don't agree with their method of protesting but that has been covered. Equality is a very noble thing to strive for. We have it under the law as is written. I realize it is not always enforced that way, and never will be 100% of the time, but certainly there is no reason it can't improve and they can be part of improving that. I think the idea of throwing money at a charity and saying you did something is not the same as being active towards your cause. Kenny Stills and and some other Miami Dolphin have done a great job of exemplifying good action to take on this subject. In Bennett's case, lying about your interaction with police certainly only hurts your cause. Maybe their issues (those protesting) is that they did a poor job collectively pooling their efforts in the off season towards some type of real action and now we have hastily thrown together "funds" done by the owners that once again throws money at issues in order to pacify those protesting and serve as good PR for themselves. My conclusion is that a lot of the protesting has more roots in narcissism than it does an actual cause.
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