Poll: Voters Show Massive Support for Trump Immigration Policies

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Events' started by The_Major, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. cctxfan

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    Which class is that?
  2. Horns05

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    Poor immigrant
  3. cctxfan

    cctxfan Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Sorry to say that they aren’t. Any since the vast majority are working why would we need forfeit money? Hell, even the illegals mostly work.
  4. cctxfan

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  5. PearlandHorn

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    Isn’t the median income in Nigeria about $500 bucks a month?
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  6. Horns05

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    You want to let everyone come here . But it cost money to support them. Money we don’t have. So not sure what you suggest
  7. windycityhorn

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    It's still there. Maybe we should take it down. When we took in a million Irish in the mid-1800s, things were a lot worse here back then.

    My mistake. Nigerian-Americans have a higher median income than native-born Americans. What happens when you're going too fast.
  8. cctxfan

    cctxfan Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    No, I don’t want everyone to come. Nor am I a fan of H1B visas. Why give away high-paying jobs when Americans need them? But there are a ton of low-paying jobs that need filling. We simply need to let in enough people to fill those jobs.

    With regards to supporting them, I’m not sure what you mean. I’d be willing to wager that most folks on food stamps and other government subsidies are citizens and not first or second generation immigrants.
  9. The_Major

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    So maybe the guys on the left can explain this to me. You guys rail on corporations, you demand higher wages. Yet you support policies in immigration which help companies keep wages down. You compete with your own ideas. Why?
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  10. The_Major

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    They wouldn't be so low paying if the labor market was tighter. The reason they need filling is because they pay ****.
  11. Horns05

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    They stress the education system that’s already failing . Go down to the county hospital and see who is packing the ER. And tour the HEB, when the lone star card hits every month and get back to me.
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  12. windycityhorn

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    I already support Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, and any number of other sh*thole states where I know not a soul and don't care to visit. I paid for the stupid war in Iraq, too. I pay for Trump to go golfing. I'd rather pay to provide schooling and a few squares to immigrant families than any of those things.
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  13. Horns05

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    Iraq was def a sham. That we can agree on
  14. windycityhorn

    windycityhorn Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    At least we have that.

    For the Iraq vets here: Thanks for your service. Just cause I didn’t like the war doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for your efforts.
  15. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    The Donald never ceases to amaze me both positively and negatively but there may be a certain method to his madness in this instance. If you want to see how badly degraded America has become in the five decades since John Kennedy’s death, just get in your car and start driving. Except for a very few relatively nice areas in New England and California, the whole thing looks, at best, like a semi-disaster zone or, at worst, like some Third World ghetto, and I think that is what Trump is driving at. Until we figure out how to build up our own people and make our own country beautiful again, we don’t need to be fighting unnecessary wars on foreign soil or bringing in refugees from Third World disaster zones that are likely to make our own country even worse. But as usual, the Donald is less “windy” than you are and I am, and tends to cut directly to the chase.
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  16. texvet16

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    Have no problem with those who don't agree with certain wars everybody has their own perspective and philosophy in life and over the years I've learned to appreciate and respect that.

    As someone who has deployed to many third world countries which include Haiti, Bosnia and Afghanistan I can remember thinking to myself these are some real **** hole countries. I had absolutely nothing against the people of those countries, many of these people are great extraordinary people who live under conditions we will never have to endure ( thank God) but the countries themselves are true **** holes.

    That being said Trump should have kept his comments about "**** hole countries" to himself. When you use this type of verbiage as president nothing good will come of it. Goes back to that old adage " if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all"
  17. mcb0703!

    mcb0703! Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I didn't like the war & I went over there (****ing Basra...that is literally a ****hole). If we're talking about ****hole countries, Iraq's at the top of the list for me

    In the Army, I've had 7 enlisted work for me that came from Mexico, that became US citizens after enlisting...I'd gladly take 700 more if I could. I've had multiple from West African countries, 2 from Serbia, & 2 brothers from Honduras work for me. I'll take any of those everyday of the week over some lazy ass white guy from Houston...& I've had to deal with that, repeatedly, as well
  18. SmackBrown

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    Semper Fi
  19. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    We should all know by now that military force is a poor solution to social problems, whether at home or abroad, and we can't expect force alone to persuade people in ancient foreign cultures to want to be free and live like Americans. As John Kennedy pointed out as a presidential candidate in 1960, the only way we are going to persuade the rest of the world that our way is better than Communism or Islamism (or whatever else anyone may come up with now or at any point in the future) is to show them by the example we set here in America, and that means building up the American people and making America the strongest, the healthiest, the most prosperous, and the most beautiful nation on earth today, tomorrow, and for as long as the Star Spangled Banner still waves over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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  20. TEXBTP

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    JFK was a tough liberal we should aspire to be. We haven’t had a tough liberal since LBJ.
  21. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    JFK was probably more of an authentic American conservative than anyone else running in 1960. LBJ was an establishment hack who didn’t have the balls to say “no” to our insane involvement in Vietnam. If you want to understand how the Corruption Machine really got rolling in Washington DC, you need look no further than LBJ.

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  22. RepOfTexas

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    That's the top of your list? You need to get out more.
  23. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Otherwise, I agree completely with the idea that JFK was a politician and an American patriot that we should all aspire to be. This discussion, recorded three weeks before the election in 1960, makes it clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that JFK would have rejected completely the idea that shipping jobs overseas and putting Americans out of work would be a permissible outcome for the American economy. See discussion beginning at 14:44 of video.

  24. cctxfan

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    Perhaps, but LBJ also got a lot of soldiers killed in Vietnam.
  25. horn78

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    LBJ goes into the Obama pile.
  26. UTGrad91

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    That's because we take in the smartest Nigerians. What a concept, admit people into the country that will be help us out instead of living on government subsidies.
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  27. windycityhorn

    windycityhorn Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    You’re making my point for me. Trump literally thinks Nigerians live in mud huts and that we let any of them in that want to come.

    The defense of Trump’s sh*thole comments has been “He’s telling it like it is!” But he isn’t. He’s ignorant at best and racist at worst.
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  28. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    No he doesn’t. But if he has anything remotely resembling a realistic view of the situation, he will understand that Nigeria is one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Don't we have enough corruption in Washington DC already? Do we need to import more of it from Nigeria?


    Corruption in NigeriaThe $20-billion hole in Africa’s largest economy
    Most Nigerians live in poverty. Millions would be spared if officials stopped pilfering from the public purse
  29. windycityhorn

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  30. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Yes. Culture is deeply ingrained from the moment of birth, and does not magically disappear as a result of walking across an international border. Corrupt cultures produce corrupt individuals, and violent cultures produce violent individuals. If we want more corruption and violence in America, all we have to do is allow immigration from countries where corruption and violence are endemic.
  31. UTGrad91

    UTGrad91 Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    They were stupid comments.

    Wish he had simply said:

    "The most important thing in immigration is to bring in people with skills that will benefit the country."
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  32. futures2015

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    No, shouldn't really say that.

    You obviously aren't aware that 'meritocracy' is a 'whiteness ideology'
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  33. windycityhorn

    windycityhorn Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    But he didn’t say that. He wasn’t making a verbal slip. He was saying exactly what he thinks: Africa is full of sh*thike countries and we shouldn’t let any more of them in.

    Not surprisingly there are folks here who believe the same thing. Looking at you, @Gamma

    When people tell you who they are, believe them.
  34. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Hahaha. You’re much more of a Commie Libtard than I thought. But I should have known you weren’t inclined toward rational argument when you ignored my comment about culture crossing borders. Why don’t you respond to it now? Or is the Commie Flamethrower the only thing you have left?

  35. windycityhorn

    windycityhorn Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I thought a lot about your comment. It saddened me. It’s in American and un-Christian. It wouldn’t have been out of place in the comments section of the Daily Stormer. Notice that it got no likes.

    No one is born with culture ingrained in them. That’s just an ignorant statement. You are an ignorant person. Worse than that, you think you’re learned. That’s a dangerous combination. It’s a combination you share with our president.

    I should know better than to engage you. I blame myself. When you’re frustrated you resort to name calling, as above. I won’t return the favor. You know what you are. So does everyone else on this board.
  36. Gamma

    Gamma Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    I didn’t realize that you suffered from a reading disability, but if you will look again, you will see that I did not say, nor do I believe, that anyone is “born with culture ingrained in them” but rather that culture is “deeply ingrained from the moment of birth.” Unless you are far more addicted to Leftist political narratives than I thought you were, you will understand that newborns are like sponges who soak up information, attitudes, ideas, and behaviors, i.e. culture, from their surroundings, wherever they may be. This process continues throughout life, but is most profoundly impactful in determining character during the early years. By the time an indivual reaches his or her teenage and early adult years, it is fair to say that the culture of his or her birth and formative years has probably made a more or less permanent imprint which is very difficult, although not impossible to change. Therefore, the idea that we can allow immigration from cultures where corruption and violence are endemic without also increasing corruption and violence in America is disingenuous at best and intentionally deceptive and subversive at worst.

    Hopefully you can discern from my comment in the prior post that I was speaking in jest. I am not accustomed to using the terminology “commie libtard”, because frankly I don’t know what it means. But I have noticed that when Leftists run out of rational arguments, they invariably resort immediately to personal attacks against anyone who disagrees with their preferred political narrative, and I have observed that behavior in you on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, Leftists are basically too lazy and gullible to study the facts and form their own conclusions based on objective reality, and that is how I see you.

    As for who and what I am, I regard myself as Christian Conservative. As a Christian, I regard all people everywhere as having been created in God’s image with equal potential for living a life that glorifies God and results in a unique benefit to mankind as a whole. As a Conservative, I regard myself as a realist who prefers reality to political narrative, and for that purpose there is no substitute for the Scientific Method of observation, hypothesis, and testing ad infinitum.
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  37. ttaghorn

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    Hope for you and your kind is on the horizon, see Oprah on your TV set very soon. She has that look in her eye, and its not for Stedman, but for the first female President office. Bernie is in the past the Dems need a home run hitter and she is just waiting the the DNC to call. Think of a ticket Oprah for Pres and Billary for VP, it should sell like hotcakes to Women voters. As my Daddy always told me, in politics be very careful of what you wish for.

    On President Trump, you must watch a lot of Liberal TV, about the only news you are gonna get, along with a very biased against him news organization. They spend all day just slinging **** against the wall in hopes some of it will stick, or dream up stuff they never retract when its proven untrue. If he didn't need to defend everything he says and does in the news and press we just might get a President that can do a very good job for our Country. Hope springs eternal.
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  38. rope4747

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  39. ttaghorn

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    You do watch tv news, I am assuming you do? If so, do you feel the reporting is done on an unbiased basis?
  40. rope4747

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    I watch very little national tv news. I get my information from the internet. I normally read CNN and Fox News, Huffington Post and Daily Caller, Daily Beast, a little Reuters and scan the headlines from google and yahoo.
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