Turkey Economy In free fall

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Events' started by mcb0703!, Aug 10, 2018.

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  3. UTGrad91

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    China is another country that has suffered since Trump hit them with tariffs. Stock market down 25% or so.
  4. Horns05

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    FACK EM!!!!!!!!!
  5. JG

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    The only Muslim country that at least is a little bit secular? And your response is **** em?

    A destabilized Turkey is NOT A good thing.
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    TEXBTP Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Turkey is Russia’s historical enemy. It’s good to have a stable turkey on our side.
  7. Horns05

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    Dude, they have been ****ing slaughtering their neighbors for centuries. Because they are Muslim, the US caters to their bull****. YES, FACK EM with the AIDS virus and Ebola and Zika on top.
  8. scout3dave

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    Turkey has been siding up with the Russians, thus the problem. They want to buy US fighters and Russian air defense systems. Not a good combo.
  9. UTGrad91

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  10. JG

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    The alternative is Iran, or maybe you would prefer ISIS?
  11. SAhornfan

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    I don't think you're in the position to try and educate @Horns05 about Turkey. I dare say he has thousands of years of history on which to base his opinion.
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  12. Horns05

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    Do a little history check. Turkey has slaughtered way more people than ISIS or Iran put together ever will.
  13. JG

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    So let me make sure I get this straight. The Civil War, which was 150 years ago… And slavery which ended at the same time… are ancient history it don't matter anymore. But thousands of years of history with the Turks does matter.

    Got it.
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  14. Duke Silver

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  15. JG

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    It's 2018 not 1915.

    I guess we should be rooting for Germany and Japan to be destabilized too.
  16. Duke Silver

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    It actually takes a lot of effort to come up with such idiotic things. You must be exhausted.
  17. JG

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    Buy this guys view, we should hate Turkey because they were responsible for millions of deaths over thousands of years.

    Should we apply the same standard to Germany, Japan, and anybody else who killed people?
  18. Duke Silver

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    He hates Turkey because he’s a Greek. Just like the Poles and Russians hate the Germans and the chinese and Koreans hate the japs. This isn’t hard to figure out.

    That’s to say nothing of the recent histories of the three nations, which you are apparently completely ignorant of.
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  19. JG

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    I get it. But a destabilized Turkey is not
    gonna do any good for Greece either.

    And it certainly isn't any good for the United States, where we actually live now.
  20. Duke Silver

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    I mean what the ****?
  21. mcb0703!

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    Greece's unemployment rate is 20.2% as of June, the gov't continues to eliminate pensions, & told the World Bank they can't pay their debts, asking for more financial assistance which would only lead to unpaid future debts

    & this has been occurring with a stable Turkey. A stable or unstable Turkey's not gonna change things in Greece

    Erdogan's consolidated power, taken over the media, & has been jailing opponents at a record rate. His 2 largest neighbors are Iran & Russia, both of whom have significant sanctions imposed from the US...they can't provide enough financial help to Turkey to overcome the added tariffs from the US
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  22. JG

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    Don't read that as support for Erodogan. I just done see that Turkey in chaos is better,
  23. scout3dave

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    The US is playing hardball right now with damn near everyone. China's market is down nearly 30% and their people are not happy with their government. Iran - same boat. Turkey - same boat. Several bad actors are getting pressured to make fundamental changes. Our buoyancy is allowing Trump to get away with it but it is a high risk poker game. We can add North Korea to the list as well.

    Taking on one at a time seems like a better strategy but we shall see how it plays out.
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  24. Horns05

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    Greece made their own bed when it comes to the economy and the way they live, now they are lying in it.
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  25. Duke Silver

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    Best thing about Trump.
  26. Eric Nahlin

    Eric Nahlin Recruiting Editor

    You lost your expert card right out of the gate.
  27. ole tnhorn

    ole tnhorn Member Who Talks (A Lot!)

    Not any more. There constitution may say that but it isn't being by the current thug.
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  28. mcb0703!

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    How does he lose something he never had?
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  29. Horns1960

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  30. Burnt Orange

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    But the Russians are our allies now, no? Putin is Trumps BFF
  31. TexasPalladin

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    Ya'll really need to learn how to distinguish the difference between bloviating for the cameras and actual actions.
    Russia is starting to feel rather peckish lately due to all of the actions of this administration.
    Everything from expelling diplomats to punitive tariffs for nerve warfare....Giving the Baltic's an alternative to Russian oil/LNG to putting troops into the Baltic States as a message to Putin....and the list goes on.

    I really wish that we had a President with Trump's pugnaciousness coupled with someone like Obama's oration skills.
    But we are stuck with the P.T. Barnum of Politics, and as a result everyone is forgetting to actually watch the real show that is taking place with folks like Mattis, Pompeo, Haley, etc.
    They are quietly doing the job and getting things done.

    And before you start with how bad things are....etc.
    I am just stating that things are getting done...and while I realize that our liberal brethren may disagree with some of the results as much as us on the conservative side agree with them. Trust me...We endured the same feelings for the prior eight years.
    That is the price of Democracy.

    Semper Fi
  32. SmackBrown

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    Straight up.
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  33. Bobcat 9

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    Isn't Jordan at least a little bit secular?
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  34. Jdhmills

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    King abdullah is pretty pragmatic and secular. Too bad economic prospects in Jordan just aren't great
  35. Shane3

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  36. JG

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    Jordan isn't fully secular...most family law is handled through sharia.

    One thing...I don't have that much criticism of Trump over Turkey. Pressure on Erdogan is not a bad thing.
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  37. SAhornfan

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  38. ttaghorn

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    Bolton must be getting up every morning either with a giant headache caused by all those that are screaming at him to do something, or he is drinking too much cheap scotch at night. Try hard to remember that Trump said he was going to do something about the imbalance of trade, and tariff's if elected, he's trying to do it, and now.
  39. HelmetBoy

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    There is a prominent misconception that Trump’s trade threats over the illegally detained American pastor created Turkey’s economic crisis. That’s not the half of it. And I do support a punitive policy response over the detainment.

    Trump’s recent tariff threats have certainly served as a catalyst for the capital markets, but the broader story us that Turkey’s economic, err, turkeys are coming home to roost.

    Not too long ago Turkey was a burgeoning secular liberal-democratic capitalist state that was party to NATO and very nearly admitted to the EU. In the last several years however, Recep Erdogan has successfully consolidated his power as totalitarian dictator and ended Turkey’s 100-year secular democratic project.

    What that means in capital markets terms is that Turkey has rapidly transitioned from a star emerging market for institutional investors to a pariah. I’m a Chicago guy so I believe markets are broadly efficient but with the caveat that they often need and respond to catalysts. The Turkish-American trade spat is most definitely a catalyst. That is to say that capital flight from Turkey predated its trade fight with America, has since accelerated in a decisive way, but was always inevitable.

    The incomparable Kevin Williamson lays the entire crisis threadbare in his characteristically lucid piece:


    If free market capitalism were religion, this would be scripture:

    “What’s sustainable is secure property rights, the rule of law, an independent judiciary, enforceable contracts, flexible labor markets, free trade, investment, and entrepreneurship.”
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  40. Eric Nahlin

    Eric Nahlin Recruiting Editor

    This pretty much exactly figures into Heritage’s rankings of most free economies.

    This list always serves as an easy rebuttal for what many confuse for Socialism.


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