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    The new American Horror Story season is two episodes in and it's not connecting with me. The political commentary is so on-the-nose that I find myself rolling my eyes just about every other scene. This is a show that is now in it's seventh season and I understand that as an anthology series, it has to kind of reinvent itself in ways to stay relevant. That's fine and last season, with it's show-within-a-show take, was an interesting, albeit shaky, direction. But even from a guy notorious for overdoing things in Ryan Murphy, this is too blatant to be entertaining. Also, Sarah Paulson's character is going to be a real challenge to sympathize with.
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    Guys, Taylor Sheridan is on a hot streak and everyone should go see Wind River. Different tone from the folksy and lighthearted Hell or High Water, but still has all the neo-western characteristics, just in a different setting. Actually, a good part of it is kind of an emotional beatdown, but in a good way. There's a scene in the middle where the father of a murdered child breaks down and it is one of the most tragic things I've seen on a movie screen in a while. Go see this one.
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    Somehow I'm just learning about this but Tomb Raider is getting a reboot. Movies from video games are almost always ****, and I most likely won't see it, but new in the titular role is the unbelievably attractive superbabe Alicia Vikander.


    Sweet, sweet Lord, she is amazing.
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    Bad ears. DO NOT WANT.
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