Texas-TCU Report Cards

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By Mike Venable, Football Coaches Corner Moderator
Posted Nov 23, 2012
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Bryan Harsin (TexasSports.com)

Needless to say, the quarterbacks and offensive linemen for UT, um, struggled against a determined Horned Frog defense. On the other side of the ball, the old MTs - missed tackles - reared their ugly heads again, resulting in big plays at inopportune times. Stop us if you've heard all of this before.

TCU Offensive Report Card

It's extremely difficult to figure out which direction our offense wants to feature as top billing but it's easy to recognize that it doesn't matter if our QB's and OL make as many mistakes as they did yesterday. It's possible Ash was dream-dazed on the third play of the game with a late hit to the back of the head because he played confused and wide-eyed from that play forward. McCoy did lead us to our only td but couldn't avoid the interception bug on our final drive.

TCU Defensive Report Card

We had at least 20 MT's spread out thru the four units and that extends drives way too often. We still stunt our way out of making plays but I'm almost all out of kicking that toothless dog since it's obvious we have Forest Gumping commanding too much authority and the short-timer refusing to surrender the playcalling duties to someone with a clue.

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