Texas-Oregon State Report Cards

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By Mike Venable, Football Coaches Corner Moderator
Posted Dec 30, 2012
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Marquise Goodwin

Major Applewhite's influence as the new offensive play-caller was apparent, and it played to the strengths of the personnel better than the Boise system. Defensively, the front four played well and Okafor and Vaccaro made the honor roll, but fundamentals are still lacking in key areas.

Oregon State Offensive Report Card

It definitely appears the offense will be much different under coach Applewhite's direction and should play up to our personnel's strengths better than the Boise system stressing power and play action. There wasn't enough time to change the ground game so it went south early because the Beavers had two DE's that will play at the next level and we are barefoot in terms of a real TE. Once you add their 350 Casey Hampton type nose on our underweight and understrength OC we had to make great runs to get all the way back to the LOS.

Oregon State Defensive Report Card

We have two major problems with our defense every week. We don't have consistent LB play and it's obvious to this opinion that they are not well-coached for players playing at this level. The second problem is the unsound play calls, adjustments, and keys that are being utilized by the DC. The common thread between the two is one power-positioned coach that is in way over his head (experience-knowledge). The problems are compounded with a head coach that has refused to make the change that could have turned the season around for this side of the ball. Why no change is a major lottery in this opinion.


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