Recruiting Update: 'Waterfront' headed to Austin for UT junior days

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By Eric Nahlin, Inside Texas Recruiting Editor
Posted Jan 23, 2013
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Word association.


Serene. Boating. Jimmy Buffet. Margaritas. Fishing. Breeze. Summer. Suntanned beauties.

I could go on, but you get the point. It conjures pleasant images and good times. Unless of course it's attached to a 6-3, 280-pound Southeast Texas ball of butcher knives as it is with DeShawn 'Waterfront' Washington.

Now it sounds a bit more ominous.


Union bosses. Mobsters. Prohibition. Racketeering. Marlon Brando.

In line with the shadowy interpretation of that word, Washington is a violent and physical presence who exerts his will and force on others. He dictates, rather than being dictated to. He doesn't accept blocks, he blows by them. He doesn't give ground at contact, he pushes back to the negative side of the line of scrimmage. You're in his world, he's not in yours.

I caught up with the young Nederland defensive lineman recently and I came to the quick realization that both 'Waterfronts' are befitting. Also evident, it sounds like he could be a contender for an offer.

So, dock your Cris Craft, pop the top on a Pacifico and turn up the Bob Marley as we properly introduce you to Mr. Washington.

Inside Texas: What's going on DeShawn? How is everything?

DeShawn Washington: I'm good, thanks, how are you?

IT: Couldn't be better. I saw your highlights in the middle of the season and was impressed. I don't know what took me so long to get a hold of you. What schools are you hearing from?

DW: I've been hearing from Texas, Texas Tech, UTSA and A&M some.

IT: Are you attending any junior days?

DW: Oh yes sir. I go to Tech on February 10th, UTSA on the 17th and Texas on the 23rd.

IT: Sounds like Texas is really interested...

DW: Yes sir. Coach Bo Davis came by a couple times this season and told me I've improved a lot. As a sophomore I played tight end mostly but he said I've gotten a lot better from the beginning of this season to the end of it. He came by after our fourth game and then again late in the season. They invited me to the junior day about two weeks ago.

IT: Did Texas say anything about an offer?

DW: Coach Bo told me to come to campus and maybe they can work something out with an offer.

IT: Nice. One thing about your hudl highlights that stood out to me was that you play defensive end, rather than defensive tackle. You're pretty big to be on the edge.

DW: Yes I am, but my coaches think I'm quick enough to play out there and can contain.

IT: Judging by your highlights you're plenty quick. I love the way you get in the backfield. In an ideal world, where would you go to college? Who were your favorites growing up?

DW: I liked Texas and A&M. I really liked the rivalry they had. I also like LSU but I haven't heard from them.

IT: Judging what I've seen you're going to hear from them and more. Let's catch up before you head to Austin.

DW: No problem, we'll be in contact.




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